Saturday, June 11, 2011

Investigating Mercury Toxicity As Possible Underlying Cause for POTS

This is an area that few POTSies have investigated and I am going to be one of the first to give it a good run for its money. Searching Dinet's forums for the word "amalgam", there are only 9 posts from its entire history. That in itself is unbelievable to me and those who do ask about it are met with great opposition. I do not really understand why.

One of the posts is a poll I made and interestingly enough 88% of those who responded said they had or have amalgams in their mouth. That seems significant to me. There are of course other sources of heavy metals, but the fact that, that many of us have amalgams in our mouth should at least warrant further investigation. Instead most just do not want to be bothered or they say things like "I'll do that when I start to feel better". What is heavy metals is THE reason why you are not feeling good?

I have been chelating now and I am now on Round 5 of DMPS. I take DMPS orally every 8 hours, but I am not hugely strict in the dosing. If I am a little late or early I take it just to keep from interrupting my sleep.

There have been very very slight improvements with my POTS so far and it is still very early on. I plan on chelating for at least a year to see what happens. My heat intolerances seems a teeny tiny bit better, but I have a LONG way to go.

We will see what happens. I am cautiously optimistic.